Kearney Guitar Lesson Plans

Level 1 – The Basics

In level 1, we will cover all of the basics. You will learn simple chords and strumming patterns, proper playing technique, and how to read musical notation. 

Level 1 goals

  • Learn the notes in first position
  • Read and understand written music (Notation)
  • Learn The Minor Pentatonic Scale
  • Complete Fast Tracks Book 1
  • Memorize Level 1 chords
  • Transition between Level 1 chords smoothly
  • Play Level 1 Finger Exercises along with a metronome
  • Play Level 1 Songs


Level 2 – Rhythm & Strumming

In level 2, you will learn and memorize all of the standard open guitar chords and bar chords. You will also work on more complex strumming patterns, rhythms, and right hand techniques. Upon completion of this section, you should be able to play along with most songs.

Level 2 Goals

  • Complete Fast Tracks Book 2
  • Play Level 2 Finger Exercises Along With A Metronome
  • Learn & Memorize Standard Open Chords
  • Learn The Major & Natural Minor Scales
  • Understand The Difference Between Major & Minor Chords
  • Learn Basic Bar Chords
  • Learn The Notes On Low E & A Strings
  • Be Comfortable With Complex Strumming Patterns & Rhythms
  • Be Comfortable With Finger Style Patterns
  • Gain Proficiency With Palm Muting Techniques
  • Play Level 2 Songs


Level 3 – The Blues & Intro To Lead

“The Blues” is a musical style that much of today’s music is based on. In level 3 we will look standard blues guitar styles and start to learn lead guitar techniques.

Level 3 Goals

  • Level 3 Finger Exercises & Scales
  • Complete Hal Leonard Blues Book
  • Learn The Blues Scale
  • Learn Basic Soloing Techniques
  • Have An Understanding Of The Different Keys / Circle Of 5ths
  • Play “12 Bar Blues” In Any Key
  • Have A Basic Understanding Of Improvisation
  • Be Comfortable With Simple Improvisation In Any Key
  • Play Level 3 Songs


Level 4 – Music Theory

Congratulations If you have made it this far… most people don’t. At this point you should have a strong library of chords, rhythm techniques, and pentatonic licks. People have made millions of dollars armed with this knowledge. Let that sink in for moment, you have enough knowledge and technique to play many of the most iconic guitar songs ever written. Way to go!

Now it’s time to go even deeper. It’s time to start unlocking your full potential and ability to express yourself as a musician. Don’t worry, this is gonna be fun!

Level 4 Goals

  • Understand Intervals
  • Understand Major / Minor Scales & How To Build Them
  • Understand Major / Minor / 7th Chords & How To Build Them
  • Understand Key Signatures
  • Understand Chord Progressions
  • Understand How To Solo Over Chord Progressions
  • Learn How To Improv Without Knowing What Key Your In


Level 5 – Modes & Moving Around The Fretboard

Armed with the knowledge from level 4  for, you can start to unlock the guitar fretboard and take steps to truly mastering the instrument. It will take you years to truly master this, but once complete with level 5, you will have the ability to play anywhere on the neck in any key. 

Level 5 Goals

  • Understand the Caged System
  • Chord Inversions
  • Understand Modes & How To Use Them
  • Learn All 5 Pentatonic Scale Shapes
  • “Movable Pattern” Approach


Level 6 – Intro To Jazz

For many, Jazz is an extremely intimidating style of music to try and tackle. But it doesn’t have to be!

  • Learn The Following Chord Types: Major 7th, Minor 7th, Dominant 7th, Major 9, Minor 9, Diminished 7
  • Have An Understanding Of Chord Theory / Construciton
  • Learn Move-able Chord Shapes